Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Moms Don't Dance

Ok. Here's something to blog about. It's the shortest blog post ever and not even my material.  But I thought you would enjoy it. I'm saving it for my parental archives. Something to make me smile in my very old age. 

I was sweeping the front entryway and dancing with the broom. The boys were in the living room watching t.v. and they saw me and rolled their eyes.

Me: What? You guys just don't appreciate the entertainment I provide for you.

Kevin:  It's just not right.

Me:  You think I should have curlers in my hair and act like a grandma?

Kevin:  Just don't dance.

Me: What's life without dancing?

Jack:  Footloose

Hope that made you smile!!


  1. Have you seen the new one? I couldn't justify paying money to see it in the theater, but when it comes out on DVD, I'm there.

  2. Ha ha! So this is what I have to look forward to with my boys? Eeks. And I'm with Shalini. I'm not paying for that stuff in the theater, but I'll certainly check it out later.

  3. Footloose was just on TV the other night, so of course, I had to watch it. Can't imagine a remake.

  4. I've never actually seen the old one! I just wasn't into it at the time I guess. I have seen the play. Haven't seen the new one either but yea...maybe on DVD. Yes, Laura, you have a LOT to look forward to with your two boys. (Evil laugh).

  5. Very funny! Teenagers are hilarious!

  6. Kids are funny. Everything we do embarrasses them.

    You would've really got them if you'd gone to the floor James Brown style.

  7. I think you provide your kids with perfect entertainment! You are right they don't appreciate it!

  8. Dancing parents may embarrass them now, but guarantee when they have ids they'll be doing the same thing and giggling as they think of you dancing with your broom.

  9. AH! I love it! What witty kids! It's funny because one of my favorite memories of my (very large farmer) father is of him "twinkle-toeing" around the kitchen pretending to be my sister and I in ballet class. He banged his head on the ceiling fan trying to 'jete'. One day they'll tell their kids about you dancing with the broom. ;)

  10. haha it must have been funny to see that conversation! I love dancing for my family. In fact, I was once at a hotel in buenos aires with my husband and they put music on. I started dancing to the rhythm and he did not even look. I told him the exact same thing!

  11. Love it! I'll start dancing to music in the stores... talk about eyeball rolling!

    Thanks for visiting me at A SEason for All Things. I'm your newest follower. ~ Ellen


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