Friday, December 9, 2011

Random Thoughts 2

Here's what I'm thinking in my head today.

Baking. Doing lots of Christmas baking. If you need some ideas for Christmas treats, check out my blog, The Big Green Bowl. The Rocky Road recipe is to die for!

Christmas Shopping.  Almost done, but still have a few things to purchase.  I might have bought myself a few things in the process. It oddly helps with holiday stress, to spend money on oneself, especially when the stress is about how much money one is spending.

Ozzie. My dog. He's a big black lab/pit bull mix who is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He's sweet but crazy.  I seriously need to get a video of him racing around the house like a bat out of Hell, and I need to accompany this video by Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train. I think we could win America's Funniest Home Video.

The dog has no couth.

And no, he is not named after Ozzy, he is named after Ozzie Smith, the greatest Shortstop who ever lived. 

The Wizard of Oz

Next to him is Omar Vizquel, the second greatest Shortstop who ever lived.


Isn't he cute? Sigh...

The first Giants game I ever went to, all I cared about was seeing Omar. We had great seats, right down by the Giants dugout. I had brought a big sign I had made that said, "Omar, you short-stop my heart!" When he went out on the field to stretch and warm up, I yelled his name and waved my sign. He  flashed that amazing smile and gave me the peace sign over his heart gesture! My children were mortified but I was on Cloud 9!

Ok...anyway, where was I?

One of our cats is named after Omar.  He's cute too.

I mentioned here once before that my favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz.  There seems to be a theme of Oz in my life. I think I should think about this.

Anyway, Ozzie was running around the house this morning with something in his mouth and it didn't look good.  It was my son's soccer shin guard.  Crap!!  Ozzie is truly in the dog house now.

Anyone want a cute but destructive and clueless big black dog? Free to good home!

Ok, last thing. One random thought leads to another. That photo of Omar Vizquel catching the ball in mid air? He isn't the only one who can do that.

That's my son Jack!

Happy Day, everyone!


  1. Hey! Not fair, I came over here for a quick read not expecting to find something that would send me back to the kitchen!!!! I even double checked to make sure I hadn't landed in the big green bowl by mistake when I saw that photo! I have computery things I need to do and order, and now all I can think of are rocky road delights!!!!! Oh dear!

  2. I guess you never saw Luis Aparicio, but yes, Ozzie was probably the best fielder ever.

    Your son's catch looks spectacular, but "Show me the Ball!" JK

    And I'm betting you would not give up the crazy dog for anythong.


  3. You must video your dog with Ozzy playing in the background because that would be hella funny and Ozzy is the master!
    I am going to head to your baking blog I need some new recipes for Xmas.
    Now I am hungry
    Happy Friday Mama

  4. You really are a sports nut Michael Ann, perfect for the mother of boys! Your dog looks so funny. They must all keep you very busy along with baking and yes, Christmas shopping! The most difficult one to buy for was my daughter-in-law, but I finally got her gift, so I think I'm ahead of the game...

  5. I have a very special place in my heart for that first image - christmas baking! i make a recipe like that from my great grandmother - using colored marshmallows - "Stained glass windows". I have the recipe written in her hand. Awesome.

  6. Fun post. I like hearing about random stuff. Awesome photo of your son, btw. Kudos to the photographer who caught that shot.

  7. Hey thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post. I love the owls too, they are my favorites. I don't know a whole lot about Baseball, but I do know that a lot of Baseball players are hot. I couldn't tell you any of their names, or what team they are on, but there are lots of good-looking ones. Well, once again, thanks for coming by. Take care! Sarah:)

  8. Yes, the Oz theme is worth further review......and I am glad to hear someone else buys gifts for themselves while Xmas shopping. Thanks for a cheery lift this a.m.

  9. Wow! That's your son? That's awesome! I used to play softball, and I always wanted to do something like that and have someone capture it. Of course, I never did, and thankfully, no one captured it. Christmas is sneaking up on me this year. I haven't done any shopping, decorating, or baking, and baking is the only kind of cooking I like to do. Thank goodness our Christmas break begins early. Next Friday is my last day! Hopefully the week after I'll be able to make some recipes from your other blog...

  10. Yes, he was THE BEST shortstop ever. Looks like Son been watching Ozzie.

    I'm gonna pass on the chocolate. It's so hard to believe that chocolate isn't an enticing as it used to be for me.

    Kids embarrass so easily. So cute imagining you get excited about the peace sign by Omar.

  11. Michael Ann, what's not to love about this post? It has everything! Action, eye candy, candy treats, furry friends, good photos, music, film, the list goes on! I love, love it! That shot of Jack is incredible! What a guy to fly in the air like that! Color me impressed. I saw the fudge recipe on the Big Green Bowl and sighed. Literally sighed. Almost as much as I sighed when I saw Omar's photo. hee hee! :)

  12. Could you please bake me some of those delicious snacks and send em to me? K thanks lol :)

  13. I love that you named your pets after baseball players -- that is great! If I named a future pet after a beloved baseball player, it would be Pudge, the former Rangers catcher. I think that could be kind of cute actually -- thanks for the idea!

  14. My four-year-old saw the photo for the Rocky Road and said, "MOM, we NEED THAT." Agreed.

  15. Thank you for another excellent article. They say a photo is worth a thousand words and this article certainly proves that saying correct. Great choice of photos.

  16. Now I'm salivating over the chocolate. Curse you for your cookery. Great photos. Thanks for the recipe

  17. Your Ozzy is also a lot bigger then my Ozzie who's a toy poodle. :) I'm going to look around and do some reading. :) Thanks again for stopping by my place.


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