Friday, October 21, 2011

And how!!!

By Cracky! I've won another blogger award!

I had to use that expression because it's been in my brain ALL week.  I posted a recipe on The Big Green Bowl for  these delicious By Cracky Bars, and ever since, I can't get that saying out of my mind. Ack!

Speaking of sayings, my friend Laura from Catharsis was  getting all riled up about the saying "And how!"  It really distresses her and she is ready to cause some serious bodily harm to the next person who says it or writes it.  I know, that would be ME. Yes, I'm watching my back and looking over my shoulder as I type this. But for the sake of humor (and a great segue from "By Cracky") I took the risk. I think she likes me enough not to retaliate.  After all, she gave me this award.

Check out what Laura has to say about "And how!" and many other topics on her blog Catharsis.  Laura is a funny, clever and witty writer who has a lot to say about pretty much everything. And she will tell it like it is, holding nothing back.  I always enjoy her blog and I know you will too.

So the rules of this award are to share a few things (seven to be exact) about yourself, and then to pass the award along to ten other blogs.

Some things about me:

1) I am very flexible. Like a rubber band. Although with age, it's getting a little harder to do the splits. Ok,  I can't do it at all anymore.

2) I can't stand Salmon Patties and I'm sure my mother made them when I was younger, just to torture me. Oh, but Salmon is my favorite fish.  I know ???

3) My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz and my favorite performer of all time is Judy Garland. I used to think I was her reincarnation because I can sing and dance and wanted to be in the movies just like her.

4) I am deeply disturbed by the existence of cock roaches.

5) I am an expert dishwasher loader. Just when you think not one more dish can fit in, I will reorganize the whole thing and find room for six more plates, 10 glasses and 50 pieces of silverware.

6) My favorite color is purple. I know, that's not very interesting.

7) I have six tattoos and a pierced nose. And how!

Passing the Torch to.....


  1. Thank you so much Michael Ann. You are such a good blogger friend. I'm so glad our paths have crossed.

  2. Thank you so much Michael Ann for passing on this great award to Scribbleflowers. I am honored! My favorite color is purple too. And is it just my imagination, or do you look a little like Judy G?

  3. Anther Garland fan here. Ever since I saw "A Star Is Born" in 1954. I even got to meet her in person once.

  4. You are so silly, you win them because you are a joy to read. I think the only downfall to blogging and meeting wonderful women writers is we can't share a glass of wine and talk the night away. Many congrats! I hate roaches too, why? You are wild, tats and piercings. Rock on, Michael.

  5. Congrats on your award! It's so nice to get to know you better. I get the chills when I think of cock roaches too. Maybe I should invite you over load my dishwasher for me! Lol! :) Hope you are well.


  6. six tattoos!!! i am so jealous!

  7. Ok, so when did you fall in love with the Wizard of Oz? You weren't super young, were you? Those darn monkeys scared me every time until I was at least 25!:) I haven't watched it in I'm gonna have to go find it! What FUN! Thanks for the reminder!

    And thanks for the award, Michael Ann!! Honored and happy that you thought of me! Its such a pretty one, too, dont you think? You certainly deserve it yourself...always a pleasure to visit your words, thoughts, smiling heart!!:)

  8. Wow! I've learned so much. My favorite color is purple, too! Plus, I love Judy Garland and have seen most of her movies. She was wonderful in Wizard of Oz, but I also loved her in Star is Born, Easter Parade, Summer Stock and Meet Me in St. Louis. Such a talented lady.

    Thank you so much for the recognition. I am humbled. It feels so good to be recognized by my peers, my fellow blogger, you. Thank you, Michael Ann. I'm touched, truly.

  9. I am right there with you on the dishwasher. Nothing pleases me more than filling that sucker to the rim. I also love The Wizard of Oz. It's fun re-watching it now with my daughter.

  10. Just found your blog and profile! I am also a teacher and love music and play the guitar. I will be following your blog with great interest!

  11. Thank you, my friend. It's a joy getting to know you better`we really do need to have coffee soon!

  12. Congrats!! I luv your blog :)
    Cockroaches are gross, purple is great, I am good at stacking but not so good at emptying and The Wizard of Oz is a classic! Have you seen Meet Me in St Louis?

  13. Ms. Thing you did not know you had 6 tats and piercing...hey I am with you except I have only three. Congrats on your award. I am going to try dammit to get to this this friggin weekend but no promises since my demon seed as gone nocturnal on my ass....You know I love ya!!!!

  14. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Did I mention, thank you?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. It seems that on every project I go to, there is someone who over-uses a phrase to the point of aggrivation. So, I practice a little social engineering on them...I would bring in a regular office bell, like you'd see at the front desk of a hotel. Any time they said the phrase, I'd ring the bell. It gets to the point that I no longer need the bell - I just raise my hand like I'm going to ring it, and they stop and use different phrasing. I even have an iPhone app for that now...;-)

    Also, I can do the splits too - once. I'd never get up...

    - SP


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