Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life is no fairy tale....

....and either are most novels.

That is the title of my blog today, but it's not here! Today, I am the guest of my friend Samantha, over at her blog, The Blooming Late Journal. I hope you will hop on over there to read it.

Samantha is a fellow writer and friend that I met on SheWrites, an on-line group for women writers. She has a lot to say about starting a writing career in her, um, "late blooming" years. Samantha is also the pioneer of a group called "Blooming Late" for women writers "of a certain age." That wouldn't be ME of course! I'm just there to hang out. :) Ahemm.....

See you over there!


  1. Thank you Megan!! The weird thing about having my post over there is, all the comments are over there too!

  2. Heading over there to check it out!


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